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Kingfisher with White Lotus Blossom by Jane Dwight

Winner of the 2009 Thetis Blacker Scholarship from the Temenos Academy, Jane Dwight took her love of Chinese art in a new direction. She flew to Indonesia in October 2010 to do some research into the links between Chinese batik motifs and those found in Java and Bali.

Jane’s journey into Oriental Art began with Professor Chen Bin Sun in the Philippines. She was a student in his very popular class and carried on learning with the Malaysian Institute of Art after leaving Manila. Once Jane had gained her Diploma in Chinese Brush Painting she was able to teach, and still does, all across Sussex.

A trip to Beijing to study Lotus Blossom painting with the master painter Cai Xiaoli, and constant updating of skills in classes with world famous Qu Lei Lei mean that Jane can bring new and exciting ideas and innovations to her students.

Jane Dwight
Jane Dwight

Jane does workshops all over Britain and gives lectures to the many art groups that are interested to learn a little about this very ancient art forms.

Jane has taught in Cape Town University’s very exciting Summer School. The classes have been in painting South African birds in the Chinese style, using Xuan paper and Oriental brushes; inks and colours.

Recently Jane won the Sussex Bonsai Group’s Novice Cup. Demonstrations of Oriental painting techniques, to make hanging scroll decorations, are often requested by Bonsai Clubs. Scrolls are used to augment the display of Bonsai trees, a botanical art form that is becoming increasingly popular in Britain.