Long-legged Birds of South Africa

Participants will paint long-legged birds that can be found in South Africa. The blue crane, crowned crane and secretary bird will be the main subjects of study. By sketching them and finding out about their diet and environment, students will produce pictures that might include insects and plants as well.

Using a Chinese brush, Xuan paper and Chinese ink and watercolours, each student will gain a little knowledge of this ancient art form. There will be plenty of opportunity to practise the fascinating techniques that are part of the charm of oriental painting.

Session titles

  1. Basic bird sketching and long-legged birds
  2. Painting the blue crane and studying insects
  3. Painting the crowned crane and discussing its environment and plants
  4. The secretary bird and insects
  5. Painting pictures of long-legged birds and insects

18th – 22nd January 2016 9.30am – 12.30pm