The Princes School of Traditional Art

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts logoJane Dwight is teaching a course in The Princes School of Traditional Art, London in August 2018.

Chinese painting has been divided into three main subject descriptions since the Han Dynasty, which began in 206BC.

Landscape has always been the most important those, the other two being “figure” and “Flower and birds”.

Called “shanshui” chinese landscape painting has always tried to convey the majesty of the mountains (shan) and water (shui) that their country has been blessed with.

Using ink and very little colour, rugged mountains and rocks have been beautifully described. So too have trees of many kinds, waterfalls and rapids, lakes and pools, little homes and grand pagodas. And amongst all those elements there may be fishermen in their boats, riders travelling steep paths, or scholars relaxing under trees , discussing great views or just thinking.

For this course we will be looking at and describing the landscape of China. Using Chinese ink and brushes, paper and colours, we will tackle mountains, waterfalls and trees. We will look at compositions and try to people our pictures with animals and birds, villages and rice paddies.

The aim of the course is to give students an insight into the Chinese artist’s love of the landscape of China. Producing a finished picture in their style will be a bonus!

August 6th - 10th 2018 10:30 - 17:30